Products under the brand of Plus Pharma

Products under the brands of Avitech Feeds and Avitech Proteins


1 Layer Chicks Mash
2 Grower Mash
3 Layer Mash
4 Broiler Starter Mash
5 Broiler Finisher Mash
6 Breeder Starter Mash
7 Breeder Grower Mash
8 Breeder Mash


9A Pre Starter Broiler
9 Broiler Starter Crumbs
10 Broiler Finisher Crumbs
11 Layer Chick Crumbs
12 Grower Crumbs
13 Layer Crumbs
14 Breeder Starter Crumbs
15 Breeder Grower Crumbs
16 Pre-Beeder Crumbs
17 Breeder Crumbs
18 Breeder Male Crumbs
9C Broiler Crumbs (Control House)
9F Broiler Finisher Crumbs Special
9A HD Pre-Starter Broiler Crumbs HD
9C HD Starter Broiler Crumbs HD
9F HD Finisher Broiler Crumbs HD
9A MD Pre-Starter Broiler Crumbs MD
9C MD Starter Broiler Crumbs MD
9F MD Finisher Broiler Crumbs MD
F.MIX FlavoMix 25 Kg
F.MIX FlavoMix 5 Kg